Ryan Reynolds Unveils Hugh Jackman’s Yellow Wolverine Suit for Deadpool 3

People, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for since… well, since 2000. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, or Logan, complained about the mutant team’s uncomfortable black leather suits in the first X-Men film, to which James Marsden’s Cyclops replied, “What would you prefer? “Is that yellow spandex?” It was, of course, a throwback to the original comic book (and animated series) get-up for the group, who were dressed in skin-tight yellow costumes with blue accents to complete the look. The X-Men clothing got closer to the comic book version in later films (First Class and Dark Phoenix were variations on the basic yellow style), but Jackman’s Wolverine never wore it on screen.
Until now, that is. After supposedly putting down his claws for good in Logan, Jackman is back in the “bub” business for Deadpool 3, in, well, an X-Men: Origins – Wolverine reunion with Ryan Reynolds. And it appears like Jackman will be wearing the classic Logan look in the film, as shown in a shot published on Reynolds’ Instagram story.

The bright yellow suit! The bright blue boots! The clingy hair! It’s all there, and it looks fantastic next to Deadpool’s crimson outfit – pure comic book vision brought to life. Let’s hope Wolverine’s comeback after his flawless Logan send-off is worthwhile. Deadpool 3 has just begun production, with Shawn Levy of Free Guy and The Adam Project directing – and Kevin Feige producing, as this will be Mr. Pool’s debut feature in the MCU. The R-rated edge will apparently remain – and it appears Wade Wilson may be bringing some other Fox-universe buddies, with Jennifer Garner supposedly returning as Elektra as well. Keep an eye out to see how they all fare in Feige’s playground. Snikt!

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