Lionel Messi claimed there was a “fracture” between him and some PSG fans.

During his two years at Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel Messi claims there was a “fracture” with some of the fans.

Messi, 35, received boos and jeers from PSG supporters after the team’s two consecutive Champions League eliminations.
In his final PSG home game, the World Cup winner was also singled out by a portion of the audience. Messi stated he will always remember the group of fans that stood by him.

Messi said in an interview with beIN Sports, “Well, I think it was something amazing in the beginning. “Identical to the welcome I received when I arrived. But thereafter, those Paris fans who were treating me differently began to do so.

There was a rift with a sizeable portion of the Paris supporters, which was certainly not my objective at all, but I believe the vast majority still view and respect me as they did at first. And so, it took place just as it had with Neymar and [Kylian] Mbappe in the past. I know that’s the way they behave.
“But, well, I’ll just take the ones that respected me with me, because I’ve always respected everyone since I arrived. It is an incident.

Mbappe also criticized France earlier this month for how the Argentina captain was treated while he was living in Paris.

Messi also claimed that after the World Cup in Qatar, the caliber of games at the top level decreased.

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“So, I think the World Cup affects everything for different situations, because of the timing in the season,” Messi continued.

Although many of the players attended the World Cup, I don’t believe it is an excuse, and I believe that generally the Even if we won the World Cup, the level of the league or the Champions League has suffered a little from its effects. Everyone returns for various reasons and in various ways.

Messi decided not to renew his PSG contract at the end of the current campaign and is expected to sign with Inter Miami of the Major League Soccer.

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