Arshad Nadeem is the first Pakistani person to earn a silver medal in the World Athletics Championship.

With his best throw of 87.82 meters on Sunday at the World Athletics Championship in Budapest, Hungary, star javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem became the first Pakistani to ever earn a medal for his nation.

Neeraj Chopra of India was successful in winning the gold medal with a best throw of 88.17 meters.

Having a poor start to the game with a throw that only went 74.80 meters, Nadeem made a stunning recovery with a throw that went 82.81 meters on his second attempt.

The biggest achievement came with the third throw of the Pakistani thrower, which was his best throw of the season at 87.82 meters.

The Olympian from Mian-Channu was unable to cross the 80-meter mark on his fifth attempt, but he still managed to finish.81.86-meter in his sixth and last attempt.

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